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Epiphany Mushroom is the trusted source on all-things mushroom

For wherever you are in your health journey, we are here to help with guidance, support and products.

Cultivated in USA

Sustainably Grown


Why Epiphany?

We are on a mission to harness the healing power of mushrooms and share it with the world. When it comes to health, nature often knows best – and we empower you with clean products and science-backed educational resources so that you can access the many benefits of the fungi kingdom.


Offerings are centered around a love for our customers and a deep appreciation for the healing power of mushrooms.


Products are lab-tested and cultivated with care by our team of passionate and knowledgeable mycologists.


Products are locally grown, and we are committed to ecologically mindful production and distribution practices.


We are grateful for our vast mycelial network of community partners, and proud to serve as a conduit in this fast-growing field.


We are committed to providing broad access to the healing power of mushrooms through our educational, non-profit and lobbying efforts.


We aim to help our customers feel good and feel good about themselves – with the knowledge that the true healer exists within.


Mushroom Seasoning

Epiphany Mushroom Seasoning is the perfect addition to any savory dish! To bring out the umami flavor, we first roast meaty mushrooms before dehydrating them alongside locally grown veggies and spices. We then add a touch of salt to complement the mushroom-forward flavor. Sprinkle it on vegetables, meat, eggs, pizza, rice, pasta and more – enjoy!
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